My Mum is 88 years young; she said, “Never in my life have I seen anything like this” she remarks on the coronavirus pandemic and she lived through a world war!  Who would have thought in the 21stcentury that a virus would have the world at a stand still?  There are plenty of theories going around about why this has happened, where it came from, why now etc. It may be mother earth healing herself and if it is I think she is giving us a chance to heal ourselves too.


We never give ourselves time out. We rush around getting things done, leaving children to school, picking them up from baby sitters, leaving them to this and that after school activity, rushing home to cook and clean to start all over! This may be our own doing, but in truth, I think it is just the way life is – we need to pay the bills and often not to provide an extravagant life style.  We don’t get to chill out and STOP like we are now!


This is a real opportunity for us to heal. Heal from the rushing around, from making too many demands on ourselves, time to be with our children and play the games we learned as children, walk around your garden or look out the window and see how many birds we can pick out and then Google to see what the are.


We also need to heal the fear that we all feel in this strange time. We can do this by keeping our thoughts positive and not be pulled into how awful and scary this is. I know that is difficult to do as it is scary and constantly on the news but we can send healing and prayer into our future so we are not sitting in the fear, hurt, pain and loss long after the virus is under control.


We can do this by prayer, meditation, just by being quiet with nature or whatever your chosen way of “prayer” is.  It is wise to set an intention for the practice, whichever method you use, each are as good as the other.


Your intention could be for healing of you and your family and envisage the healing light of our creator/God/the universe flowing into us first then into each member of your family.  Fill yourself up and your home then send it to those you love.  Before you finish send it to all of Ireland and then the whole world.


After we present our intention let it go and spend you time in gratitude and thanks given for receiving what you have asked for.  God hears us when we speak; trust that he has heard you.


So heal yourself in this forced restriction and we will come out the other side stronger and content in the knowledge that we helped heal our world. Be safe.


If you need help with any of the above please feel free to call for a chat 0872020407. Thank you.