Pat arrived after moving house and lifting heavy boxes. He was bent forward and his pelvis was to the left while his torso went to the right. His head was leaning left and he was in awful pain. With in 30 minutes his body was straight, he felt grounded and his pain was gone. He said, “I feel like myself again”.


Brian has suffered from cluster migraines for years and didn’t know he could get help. After 3 treatments he never returned with the problem again.


Gary, a player of County Standard, came with a hamstring problem. A problem that saw him miss at least 3 games every season. He was not impressed with how gentle my treatment was but nevertheless returned for his second treatment, after which he never missed a game due to hamstring issues.


Nora had major surgery when a smear test showed she had Stage 2 cancer. She was very distressed when she came to me. We did weekly treatments until her return to hospital when they were to decide on the operation date. Eight weeks later the hospital did a smear test before deciding on at date – it was clear!


Jane arrived with her 6 month old who was sleeping during the day but not at night. Within 2 treatments baby and Mum were having full nights sleep.


Emer presented with lower back pain, she was a nurse with a very demanding job.

We had three sessions where we got her body to balance, with better posture and was able to come off pain medication.  She was sleeping better and delighted with pain free days.  I suggested a further treatment in two weeks to make sure her body stayed strong enough to maintain her posture and for her to remain pain free.

Emer returned two weeks later to say the pain had retuned three days before, after a heavy day at work but she hadn’t needed pain killers. I checked her balance and corrected her posture, which was only marginally off.  She went away relieved and relaxed and pain free.

Because of Emer demanding job it was in her best interest to have a a maintenance programme.


This will be different for everyone. We work out a programme tailored to your needs. In emirs case this is once a month.


I had a miscarriage. I was absolutely devastated because this baby was so wanted. Her entire life had been imagined and she was so loved.

I was really struggling. I felt really alone, confused, resentful and angry. I was functioning but not well.

I was offered a healing treatment to heal my body and to say goodbye to my baby. I was quite sceptical… especially as it wasn’t face to face.

I got it that night and went to sleep.

I woke up for the first time in months and felt good about getting out of bed and facing the day. I put it down to sleeping better that night than I had in months.

I went to work, went about my day and realised that I was feeling hopeful about the future, hopeful about having another baby one day, hopeful that life would go on.

I also realised that in the meetings I went to I was offering solutions to problems that arose. I was taking criticism from my boss in my stride. I wasn’t crying at regular intervals.  I was less irritable. I was actually laughing again and having fun with my colleagues.

I was feeling better than I had in Ages. It was only then that I realised that it was because of the healing. I had slept well because of the healing, it was all down to the healing it changed my entire outlook and put my life back on track.


Paul of senior years, had had a fall while having fun. He had lower back pain, neck pain and general aches over his body but worse of all he was leaning very far forward and slightly to one side. In one treatment his body was straight, lower back pain gone only his bruises were tender. Because Paul came the day after his fall, only 2 treatments were required.


Philomena came and had such poor balance she avoided walking, a thing she loved to do. This meant she was putting on weight and getting no exercise or fresh air, which effected her mood. Within the first 5 minutes her balance was sorted and we still had 20/30 minutes to work on other issues.


Tom, of 69 years, had urinated 25 times before he arrived at my clinic, with no known cause for the frequency, as he had not yet checked with his Doctor. In one treatment his bladder returned to normal.


Peter loved sport; he played soccer, hurling, and gaelic. During a tackle he broke his shoulder blade which meant he was off for 6 weeks minimum and then he had the trauma of the tackle still to deal with. He was very sore on the first treatment and didn’t feel happy with me touching him. I worked around the area not wanting to distress him. On the second treatment he was more confident and I was able to do more specific work with him. By the third treatment he came back and told me he had been pucking a ball around with a hurl! No pain and confident again.


Pubis Symphysis sounds painful and it is if you are suffering from it.   We had a Mum of three  arrive at our clinic recently strapped and on crutches, her mobility was severely impaired to the point that she was spending more of her last weeks in pregnancy lying down and struggling to looking after her three children.  We continued her treatment on a weekly basis before she gave birth.  She returned to our clinic for three follow up treatments aiding her recovering and enabling her to be in a much better physical place to look after her babies.

If you are suffering from Pubis Symphysis, please get in touch to discuss your treatment pathway.


Geraldine had a high pressured job, young children and also ran her home. A new employee came into her section at work and made life more difficult. Eventually, it got too much for Geraldine to handle and she went off work suffering from stress.

When she came for treatment, she wasn’t sleeping and her mind was working overtime. Even though she knew this, she felt unable to deal with it.  We had several sessions along with putting  things in place to help her manage her over thinking. Within a month she was sleeping at night, had clarity in her thoughts and was feeling like she could return to work.