Unconditional love


There probably isn’t a Mother in the world that wouldn’t do what they could to take their child’s pain away.

I have seen Mothers in my clinic be a surrogate for their children (i.e. the child is treated through the parent when they are too sick or unsettled to be receptive), even though they may not like being touched, yet they sit happy to receive because they know the child will benefit. Or they come immediately with a sick child or husband when they put it off until later, if they themselves are unwell.

This is one of the clearest show of unconditional love in our society.  There are many other forms that are never shouted about, but consistently a Mother’s love, as the song goes, is a blessing.

If a Mother can display this love, even it is often hard to do with other factors impacting it like substance abuse, a constant repeat of pattern etc., how much more would our God/Savour do it for us?  We are told he has counted the hairs on our head – that is intimate.

So when we ask in this time of uncertainty, believe it is heard and then pray/meditate in thanksgiving and gratitude that it will be received.

Often we ask and it is not granted, but when the dust settles and we view with hindsight, we can see that was not what we needed or we may have receive something that is better.

People often say they cannot pray. I believe there are many forms of “prayer”. There is of course the way we have been taught by our parents or in school, which is excellent if you choose that.  Meditation is another choice, often hard to achieve with a busy mind.

All prayer can have a request but our main prayer must be in thanksgiving.  If we ask our Mother for food, she will not ignore us, it will probably be provided within the hour, so we do not need to keep asking.

Prayer is a conversation with a higher power. This can be done as we go about our daily tasks, as we drive our cars, when we go for our 2km walk, by being present in nature or just by lighting a candle with an intention.

It is simply a conversation about what is going on for us now, and what we need.