With so much talk about the Coronavirus you may be thinking how can I protect myself and survive this awful sickness? We are told on a daily basis on the importance of washing our hands and not touching our face. I don’t wish to reiterate all that is been said, it is good instructions. Building up our immune system is the best way to help avoid any virus or sickness.


We do this on a daily basis through eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds as part of a healthy diet, also foods like garlic and herbs help. This way the immune system is provided with the nutrients it needs to keep healthy.


Avoid smoking, which undermines basic immune defences. Keeping alcohol to a minimum is also advisable.


Avoiding stress should be a big part of our life, but in todays busy world this may be hard to do. If you have stress in your life, look at ways to eliminate it or talk to someone who can help you eliminate it. Stress affects all areas and systems of the body including the immune system. Meditation/prayer, walks in the park, drinking water slowly; take rest periods during a busy day, get into nature, spend time playing with your children – can all help eliminate stress.


Quality sleep is also essential. Sleep is very important as our body repairs as we rest. Having a routine to wind down with a set bedtime helps with this quality.


Echinacea, vitamin C and D and ginseng are also immune boosters, these can be taken at times of high need like this but not long term.


Tea Tree essential oil was brought into Europe around 1920 for its powerful antiseptic properties. Research has been carried out in Australia, France and USA on its anti-infectious, anti-viral and its bactericide properties.  It is easily mixed and carried for use as a sanitiser, around the home, in work, for your hands etc.


Having Emmett Technique and Bowen Technique will help to strengthen your body and it’s immune system along with relaxing you at this stressful time.