I brought my son for his routine 12month checkup, prior appointments were delayed because of covid, only to find he had restricted movement in his left hip. The doctor ordered an x-ray on both of his hips. I was made aware my son would need a 6-month hip brace to correct the problem – not so easy on a now busy 13 months old.
I brought him to Alice to get treatment on both hips before the x-ray. Fast forward a couple of weeks, he had his x-ray and results shortly after. The Doctor called to say she could not understand how the results were normal especially with the extent of the restriction on his left hip.
The only thing I did was bring him to Alice. I cannot recommend Alice and her treatments more as it saved him for being in a brace and pain free. He is now flying it with the walking and I can only say a massive thank you to Alice and fantastic work as always.