This is our 12th course delivering (TBT 101) Tom Bowen Therapy Training.  Having qualified as a trainer in 2013, I have been privileged to work with a great many therapists who want to deliver an even better treatment experience for their clients. Students are invited to attend two two-day training events.  On the first session, students are guided through the technique of delivering a Bowen movement.  This is the crux of the treatment.  We teach students how to read the clients body to get to the underlying source of the problem.  This means that whilst the client may well feel they know what is wrong; TBT 101 gives the student the ability to accurately read the body and ascertain the core issues.


Students also learn how to relax the body so it becomes more receptive to the treatment administered resulting in a sustained positive impact on the body.


Part 2 training sessions consist of a further two days where student make correctional movements for issues you have found after the initial training programme.


This course combines theory and practical learning, alongside group discussion.  This is a highly participative course with proven results.


What students said:-

“Having been a practising Bowen therapist for many years it was great to go back and refresh what I do.  An excellent course delivered by Alice, in a highly supportive and good humoured way “traditionally trained” Bowen therapists would benefit from doing this course”.


“Alice has so much patience, waiting until I got the information, really enjoyed learning”


Part One 17th& 18th May in Kensworth, Dunstable

Part Two 7th& 8th June