Is it  necessary to suffer with pain?  We don’t think so, at Pain Relief Therapy, but what we also advocate is that if there is an alternative route to deal with pain other than taking medication, we are committed to this.  Studies and research show that as a society we are becoming increasingly dependent on prescription drugs to manage pain, we are not advocating that you should not seek help from your Doctor, nor are we suggesting that there isn’t a place for medication, what we are keen to promote is the idea that there are other solutions to pain management other than popping a pill.


I have been a pain relief practitioner for over 20 years. In my experience, the divide between traditional medicine and alternative therapies has not diminished in two decades despite the fact that my clinic can illustrate several case studies where clients have exhausted the traditional and pharmaceutical route only to find pain relief through the treatments we provide.  It is an education process – if you are in pain, we would encourage you to look at all options, perhaps the traditional route is not necessarily the most appropriate route to gain pain relief.   B