Easter is nearly upon us, new life all around, spring flowers, blue bells under the pine trees, new lambs – Mother Nature at its best. It is easy for us to appreciate the beauty in nature.


Do you appreciate the beauty in YOU? It is there because you have seen it.  At Pain Relief Therapy we all about helping you find ways to appreciate yourself.


The more we appreciate and are thankful for the things we do for others or ourselves, the more those good gifts grow.  The more our good gifts grow, the more we increase the beauty within. With increased beauty within we can expand and let go of old ways that do not work for us, we will grow confident and content in ourselves.  Then we can pass this to others and especially to our children.


We can start this appreciation in little things. Like thanking the sun for rising, thanking our God for another day, thanking those we love for the little things they do, thanking ourselves for washing the dishes, or preparing a meal.  Start in little ways and build up to bigger – thanking ourselves for the beauty in our smile, or for how well we look, or they great job we did today…. There are so many opportunities.


The more we thank and appreciate ourselves the deeper our love for us and then we can give more to others.


Enjoy giving