Being bullied can be one of the most traumatic experiences anyone, but especially a young person can go through, it can stay with them for a lifetime and without support it can lead to mental and emotional ill health.


In 2018 we had a girl aged 11 come to our clinic. We had been delivering a programme with a group of special needs children with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other disabilities.  Her Mum had picked up a leaflet  in her local school and approached me, could I help her daughter?  We talked and soon discovered that her 11 year old little girl had been bullied at the age of 7, had moved from the school she was billied in and was about meet her nemesis once again in secondary school.


We’ll call this little girl Lucy.  Mum brought Lucy, to my clinic where we worked in a gentle way through  physical movements to erase the memory of this trauma and to resolve any underlying issue.


We met the following week, Lucys’ Mum could see an enormous change in her little girl, as for Lucy she said “I feel better” I asked what did ‘better’ feel like; she said “I don’t care about them”.  We worked with combined techniques resulted in a happy, content and  confident child.


Lucy went on to have a very successful secondary school experience.


Two treatments left the child in a more confident space to move on.  We have seen this time and again where children respond almost instantly to treatment.


We need confidence to move on and if a couple of treatments do this for your child, or indeed for yourself, it is definitely worth it.  Life can be challanging, we all need the gentleness of treatment to reset our mojo and leave our body blanced and strong.