Really nothing like the ocean!

Holidays are great – they should be about enjoyment, having a complete rest, getting out of routine to clear your head of everyday things.


It can be quite stressful preparing to go on holiday, you are up to high dough sorting out the rest of the family, making sure that clean clothes are packed, passports are in date, flight are checked in and boarding passes are printed. There is also the knowing that there will be a million question asked, “are we there yet”!


We’ve all been there, we seldom appreciate the importance of preparing ourselves for holidays and believe me it does require preparation.  Here are my top tips for having a great start to your holiday:-


  1. Think of your holiday as a complete treat for your mind, body and soul
  2. It’s okay not to pack the kitchen sink, most places have washing machines, super markets and pharmacies
  3. Get the kids to take responsibility for at least some of their packing
  4. Be kind to yourself before you go off on your break, ask yourself are the jobs essential that you are doing
  5. Book a treatment to prepare yourself for your holiday, start your holiday as you mean to go on, relaxed, centred and open to a wonderful time away with family