Recently, I had to gather facts around our use of medication to suppress pain.

I found some surprising statistics –

  • 7 billion Paracetamol,
  • 4 billion Ibuprofen, and
  • 700 million aspirin are taken each year in the UK*,

While I could not find stats for Ireland’s consumption, I did find that Irish hospitals dealt with 1,452 cases of paracetamol poisoning last year (Irish Times).

* Considering too many paracetamol tablets can prove fatal or leave you with liver failure and ibuprofen in high doses over long periods can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, I wondered if people knew the risk of consuming these very effective painkillers long term.

However, if you are in pain, you need them so it is a catch 22. Unless you know about alternative therapy! Again, like medication there are many alternative therapies out there; which should you use, to get effective results without paying a small ransom?

At Pain Relief Therapy our aim is to get you as comfortable and pain free as possible in the least amount of treatments. Our aim is to achieve this in 3 treatments. This may not always be possible, due to factors like your job, how long you have the pain, your fitness or how many issues you are dealing with. Yet, we are committed to making substantial changes in the first 3 treatments, which lets you know if it is worth your time and money to continue with the treatment.

At Pain Relief Therapy we offer many treatments, but the fastest results are with Emmett Technique and Bowne Technique both gentle therapies given through clothing, so non invasive, taking up to 30 minutes.  During our treatment, your body is relaxed from head to toe giving your body the best possible chance of holding the changes made by the treatment. Specific points are held to release pain and discomfort, often giving instant relief.  Usually the body is strong enough to keep the body pain free after 3 treatments.

Of course, there are many other ways to avoid painkillers, things like mediation or prayer, a slow walk in the park or beach, reading, just being still. It is best to practice these before you are in pain, because often when the pain is there these might not suffice and a therapist is the person you need.



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