It’s 2020! Seems no time since we were at 2000; for me those 20 years went in a flash. Still, the New Year always brings us to a bit of a crossroads. We reflect on where our life is going, where we will be in 20 years or even a year! Is this what we want? Is this an expression of who we are? We can make choices; did we make the right ones?


We always have choices! Often we don’t make the right one. This is okay, the important thing is not to beat ourselves up about it, just make the choice that supports us and learn form our experience.


Statistics prove New Year resolutions do not work. As human beings, we strive to do better and be better all the time and of course, we use the New Year to make positive changes in our lives. This year make a choice that supports YOU, that leaves you in a better place and improves your life.  It may be as simple as a 15 minute walk six days per week, or eating more vegetables each day, or treating your body to a massage once a month, or drinking water each day – whatever you feel you need. Gentle, easy to implement choices, that improves your life now and forever.  If you miss a day be gentle with yourself and start again.


So whatever your choice make sure you look after you.  Gentleness and compassion towards YOU is definitely a good choice for this new decade.


Wishing you a blessed and gentle new year for you and all of your family.