Congratulations, you have survived the winter, the mornings are brighter, days are getting a little longer, the sun is shining a little more regularly.   Life is still strange, challenging at times and some are finding it particularly difficult.  I have recently been working with a 15 year old who during this most recent lock down has developed anxiety.


Life just seems to be very difficult for our teenagers, they are taking a lot of responsibility for their own learning, their social life and meeting up with friends is really suffering, they are not getting the chance to navigate through these formative years in a healthy way.


We have worked on reducing anxiety and helping to make sense of this situation in their world, after three virtual sessions Mum and teen could see some significant progress.


Perhaps you have a teen feeling life is just a bit too difficult right now.  Get in touch and we can talk through how I can help. This may be through distant healing, practical ways of coping or just talking which can often help.