a letter arrived last week via the post, not an email, a real letter, one that someone had taken the time to put pen to paper to write and this is what it said………


Dear Alice,

You may not remember but last year you helped me through a very difficult period, I was grief stricken, sad and angry.  It was having a significant effect on my family, my marriage, my work and my overall well being.

In the first treatment I had with you, I could feel the instant release of emotions, I came for treatment feeling heavy inside, but left feeling a little lighter.  The second treatment I was nervous about, I didn’t know if it would have the same effect, it made me feel so much better, less angry, less sad.  By the time I had my third treatment, my husband was remarking how much better I was, how I was less angry with the world and much more content.

Thank you Alice for helping me through my grief, 2020 was hard enough without the added stress of loss, but you helped me through it.

Yours gratefully

Bernadette (we have not used the clients real name to preserve confidentiality)