daffodil flowers

The experience of Covid lockdown has been a tough one for us, we who are used to being out there day after day.


Of course it will bring up feelings of loss in us, loss of socialising, loss of identity especially if we are our job, loss of our family and friends around us, loss of freedom to do as we always had, this is grief.


Because of this loss and the grief it brings up we must go through the 7 stages of grief – shock and denial (how could this happen now in the 21 century), anger, bargaining, (feeling it is too much and when will it go back to normal), depression (it is too much, maybe loosing a loved one and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel) testing, and finally acceptance (here we get peace).


But it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Many of us found ways of coping with the scenario above; we walked in nature, getting fit in the process and enjoying nature.

We spoke to those we loved and missed, getting to new levels of contact. I had the pleasure of having my daughter spend 4 months with me as she worked from home. A time we never would have had, if it weren’t for lockdown.

We got jobs done we had put on the long finger.

We got into our gardens and improved on what was already there, some planted vegetables for the first time being amazed with what they had produces in a few short weeks.

We spent more time with our children.

Maybe we even saved money for a great holiday when this is finally over.


Every cloud has a silver lining, but if yours isn’t so obvious and life is a challenge at present do talk to someone or call me on 0872020407. It cost nothing to talk.