My friend once said, “We are only as happy as our saddest child”, I thought about it for a while and had to agree. It is tough sometimes, being a child, especially a teenager with all those hormones upsetting us and leaving us wondering how to be in the world, can be a challenge. We all have been there and understand how challenging it can be.


In the present time our children can be struggling even more. As humans we do not like change and there is a bucket load these days with no end in sight.


Children heal with alternative therapy very quickly. Here at Pain Relief Therapy as little as three treatments can make a huge difference. It can lift their mood, help with anxiety, which helps them cope better: it can also help with concentration making study easier.


If you are concerned about your child and how they are, please call for a free consultation. That way you will have the full information to make the best decision for your child.  Call Alice today on 0872020407.