In this changing time, we may be suffering emotions we don’t know where they came from.  Often this is grief. We associate grief with loosing someone, but the loss of a job, health or freedom can give similar feelings. The “lockdown” we have been living in leaves us in a place of fear and uncertainty. We loose control, stability and routine. This loss can leave us with grief.


There are five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages help us slowly come to terms with our loss. If for some reason we don’t get through all stages we can sit in the pain of loss for a long time, often for years.


This, as you can understand, is not good for our mind or body. It is essential we go through the process. There is ease in the body and mind when we get to acceptance.


Acceptance is not forgetting our loved one. Instead it being at peace with the loss and remembering the good times. These good times can be remembered in sorrow but the sorrow will get less as we heal.  Acceptance gives us freedom.


We are all souls on a journey; a journey of learning for our soul. Most of us are born and live to old age. Sometimes this is not the journey of a soul; they may “die before their time”. This is difficult for us to accept, but this soul is on their journey and may have completed their learning in a shorter time.


It may be a recent death or of yester-year, a miscarriage or accident. Or it may have happened during the Covid-19 lockdown when dealing with death took on a different way.  It is best if we can let them go for now, but some day I believe we will meet them again.


Either way grief is part of life and no one is exempt.  If you have a loss you haven’t fully dealt with give me a call (00353872020407) for a conversation or work on getting beyond your pain and upset.


All conversations will be treated with the utmost confidence.