We are so excited about delivering our next Bowen Technique Training in Kensworth, Dunstable.  I’ve been reflecting on the training sessions that I have delivered since 2015 in that time I estimate 55 practitioners have successfully passed.  My training is delivered over two, 2-day sessions.  Its important to have time to reflect between each training session, using what you have learned to come back with questions or with tails of great changes that you have made for people with the learning – which is usually the very exciting part for participants. It gives participants the opportunity to put their learning into practice.  In a group, participants learn so much from each other.  I often see, afterwards, participants creating their own network for knowledge exchange.


Bowen is a good all round therapy. This course is perfect for learning to read the body with ease, give relaxation to hold the work just completed or settle the client before corrections therefore putting them in a better state to hold the work and expand the healing. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy or with other modalities you have in your learning.


You get a clear, easy to read full colour Training Guide that will be invaluable after the course to jog your memory.  Thirty 32 hours of clear precise instructions on how to use the therapy and where the points on the body are, making it simple to learn and apply.


The training course will be run 17th& 18thMay 2019 with Part 2 on 6th& 7thJune. For the invitation to be part of the course click here https://emmett-uk.com/tbt-tom-bowens-training/