Awaiting the contented little baby!


So its taken me a while to think exactly what to write about pregnancy and contented babies, the two are inextricably linked and it has been scientifically proven that if you take care of yourself during pregnancy, listen to your body and treat the symptoms of pregnancy in a gentle way, then you are setting yourself up for a contented baby.


Regardless of whether you are first time Mum or have had multiple pregnancies, you can still experience a variety of pregnancy symptoms.  Every pregnancy is different simply because every Mum and Dad are different.


You might be at 7am with morning sickness or if you are anything like a lady who we have recently treated her ‘morning sickness’ hits at 7pm – not anymore thankfully having had three treatments at our clinic.


The “joys” of leg cramps, heartburn and general discomfort can feel endless and steal the euphoric feeling of having a baby, leaving behind anxiety, depression and general ill health.


Journeying through pregnancy with the minimum amount of discomfort can result in the most contented of babies.  Consider our 12-month pregnancy programme, 12 treatments with a final complementary treatment to assist you on the journey to bring your beautiful baby into this world.


Our pregnancy treatment has additional benefits aiding recovering AFTER labour, enabling you to enjoy those early days with your little one.