November is a time when we think about those who have passed and reflect on who they were for us.  Their passing may have had a huge impact on our lives and loosing them may still be impacting us.  Indeed any death expected or not has an impact on us.  Even the miscarriages, which may have been years ago, may be undealt with.


Either way we have to deal with the loss and this can be done in a few ways, the Irish wake is renowned as one of the best ways.  Talking helps us release our grief and accept what has happened.  Dr Patrick McKeon, founder of Aware, says out brain can only accept so much at a time and therefore it is a process of acceptance.


Without acceptance we cannot move on, none of those who have passed on would want us grieving forever.


Death is not the only time grief will impact us. The loss of health through illness or car accidents, loss of a job, children or friends moving away, a broken relationship will have the same impact on us.


It is very important for our bodies to get to acceptance. With Pain Relief Therapy you can get through this difficult time.  With gentle body work and talking you can let go of the grief making it easier to accept the loss, giving you strength to move easily into living again.Be