I recently treated Maggie, a first time Mum, for morning sickness. She was worn out and was almost at the point of regretting that she ever fell pregnant because it was making her feel so miserable.

Her nausea would appear with a vengeance around 7.30am and would only begin to subside mid morning. Her friend, who had also been for treatment during her pregnancy with Pain Relief Therapy, for fluid retention, had told Maggie of the help she had gotten. Maggie’s cousin had attended my clinic to prepare for labour. Maggie was very grateful to hear she could get help.

It got me thinking about the idea of pregnancy and how it can be such a contradiction at times. We are all guilty of assuming that pregnancy will be exactly as they say in the text book but sometimes it’s not plain sailing and that is so hard to accept.

Sending love to my female community.