Walk into March

November is a month where we remember those who have passed.  When a loved one dies, the grief we experience can be so disabling. It can impact every area of our lives, our physical, emotional or mental state. It is so important at this tender time to recognise the stages of grief, the denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  To move through these stages can take more time than we could ever imagine, and the more unnatural the circumstances in which we find ourselves can impact the process, but we must come to acceptance.  In acceptance is peace.

Ultimately there is always a necessity for self-care during grief.  Of recognising each stage and finding the right support to help grief to move through the different stages.

Our treatments are kind, considerate, but most of all compassionate to grief.  We recently had a lady in our practice who was mentally fatigued by her grief.  She had lost two people dear to her, during this difficult year; my work with her brought her on a journey of release.  She is now able to look back with fond memories and be conten